Tiana consults in three areas helping federal contractors comply with the new federal regulations that require them to have a goal of 7 percent of their workforce be job seekers with disabilities, helping with program design, set-up and management, and monitoring and evaluation, and public relations and communications.

  1. 503 Compliance – The Seven Percent Solution for Federal Contractors

    In 2011, the Department of Labor announced a new rule that requires that individuals with disabilities have at least 7 percent of all jobs with federal contractors and subcontractors, this is not a quota, but a goal. Under the new rule federal contractors must comply with seven requirements. Tiana works with companies to ensure compliance and is interested in helping businesses comply in a way that works for them and their culture.

    Due to the prevalence of disability in the U.S., 19 percent of Americans have a disability, it is likely that any large to mid-size company’s workforce already employ 7 to 10 percent individuals with disabilities. The issue is that most have not disclosed, either because they don’t feel safe disclosing or because they don’t realize they are considered disabled.

    Seven percent compliance is achievable through a communications plan that invites and provides a safe environment for incumbent employees to self-identify. Once a baseline is achieved a company can then identify the job categories in which they need to do additional outreach.

  2. Program Management and Monitoring and Evaluation (domestic and international)

    As former humanitarian aid worker with both program management and monitoring and evaluation (M & E) experience, Tiana can help organizations build or restructure programs with a focus on results. She is also available for third party program evaluation and for overseas TDY’s overseas to either get a program or the M & E started or to fill in during an employee transition period. Her previous donor experience includes USAID, DFID, OFDA, ECHO, UNHCR and EC.

  3. Public Relations and Communications

    As a former public relations specialist Tiana can help companies design internal or external communications plan, deal with media crises or develop and implement public relations plans.