If you have booked Tiana for a corporate program you will need sound, an Infocus, computer and a screen.

If you have booked Tiana for a youth or collegiate program you will need sound; whether or not you need other AV equipment will depend on which introduction you would like to use. All of Tiana’s follow on workshops require computer, Infocus and a screen.

Please download this checklist to help you prepare in advance for Tiana’s program.

As you prepare for your event, please set aside some time to address the following considerations which will help ensure the success of your event. Also if you have any questions feel free to contact Tiana directly, (503) 358-3200, as she is committed to making your experience as smooth and simple as possible.

AV Needs

Tiana prefers a wireless mic; however, she can use a handheld.

Please provide an Infocus and screen, if you prefer to use your own computer Tiana can provide her presentation and video by Dropbox. This is only a requirement for corporate programs and follow-on workshops, if Tiana is keynoting at your school or college this is only required if you choose to do the video introduction.

Stage Setup

Staging. Tiana prefers not to speak behind a podium or head table. If people are seated at a head table, please ask them to move to a spot in the audience before Tiana is introduced.

Seating. Please make sure there is a chair or a stool on the stage.

Room Setup

Sound. Please check the sound system to ensure it’s working properly.

Lighting. Please check the stage and room lighting to ensure adequate visibility for your audience.

Seating. If possible, please ensure that audience is on one side facing Tiana. However, if you are a high school that needs to put students on both sides of the gym Tiana can work with that.


Point person. Please designate someone to introduce Tiana. Also please introduce the individual responsible for the introduction to Tiana prior to the event so they can clear up any questions.


Check. Has payment been processed, and/or is a check ready?