Starbucks quoteTiana Tozer’s essays and articles have been published in The American Journal of Nursing, The Wittenburg Door, the Idaho Statesman and Sports n’ Spokes. Her essay “I lost my ‘I’ in Iraq,” appeared in the December issue of The Wayfarer. “The Minority Report” received an honorable mention from the Soul-Making Keats Contest in the intercultural essay category. She also writes a pretty good annual Christmas letter, but that is only available upon request. A former Paralympic medalist and humanitarian aid worker she currently makes her living as a public speaker and consultant. Since saving the world didn’t work out, she now lives in Portland, Oregon where she is working on her memoir – American Non-combatant.

The Brat

American Journal of Nursing, December 2013
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I lost my “I” in Iraq

The Wayfarer, 2013
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